The region


The municipality of Perl in the border triangle

Our apartment house Haus & Hof is located in Perl, in the middle of the charming border triangle “Germany-Luxembourg-France“. The region attracts with lush nature, many award-winning hiking and biking trails, as well as other recreational opportunities. Culture, “savoir vivre”, many restaurants and the proximity to beautiful cities such as Trier, Metz, Luxembourg, Saarbrücken, Saarburg and many more, make the region the ideal starting point for work and leisure.

Nestled in vineyards on the Moselle and directly opposite the Luxembourg municipality of Schengen, lies the attractive community of Perl, which combines rural flair, wine culture, an extensive range of leisure activities and many culinary offerings with ideal shopping opportunities – and all this in the immediate vicinity of Luxembourg.


Experience a diverse life in one of our apartments near the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

As the second smallest state in the EU, Luxembourg offers quite a bit!

As the capital, Luxembourg is known for the cultural and historical discoveries you can make as a tourist. It is not for nothing that the old town of Luxembourg is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The architecture of this city is impressive: besides modern buildings, there is also old military architecture, castles and palaces to discover.

As rich in contrast as the architecture are the approximately 170 nationalities that make this country so cosmopolitan and lively. People from all over the world, such as Belgians, Portuguese, Germans or even French and Italians move to Luxembourg because of the economic prosperity of this country and the low taxes. Accordingly, about half of the 632,000 inhabitants are not natives. For this reason, there are also several languages used in Luxembourg. The three most common languages are French, Luxembourgish and German.

Also, when it comes to things to do, Luxembourgers can offer just about anything.

Luxembourg is perfect for all nature lovers who like to go hiking or just want to clear their heads. The Grand Duchy offers a variety of natural landscapes in every direction. In the northern region you will find dense forests, while in the south there are gorges and many rivers, as well as the Moselle valley.

There are also many leisure activities for families: In addition to cultural attractions such as a variety of castles and palaces, there are also many museums, playgrounds, outdoor pools, golf courses, climbing parks or aquariums. The beautiful bike paths invite you to go for a bike ride and on the rivers you can book tours by kayak or canoe.